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This Community of Practice is for TAFE NSW staff who are interested in issues related to people with disabilities.

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Don't DIS my ABILITY celebrates the diversity and ability of people with disability, and it's for everyone. Up to 100 events are held throughout November and December each year.

Don't DIS my ABILITY aims to promote positive perceptions about people with disability and build an environment that encourages active participation in careers, leisure pursuits and social activities.

Bobby Coulthart (pictured left) the 22 year old sign writing apprentice and artist from Wyee Point was the face of the 2012 Don't DIS my ABILITY campaign. Bobby is a graduate of the Transition to Work program, a two year program that helps young people with disability gain employment after leaving school. Bobby's message to other school leavers with disability is "Work hard at whatever you want to do". He also wants people to be more inclusive and not be afraid to give people with disability a go.

If you would like more information about the events or have questions about the Don't DIS my ABILITY campaign, please contact:Communication Services Group
Department of Family and Community Services
Level 4, 4-6 Cavill Avenue Ashfield NSW Sydney 2000
Phone: 02 9716 2598
Fax: 02 9716 2677Email: dontdis@facs.nsw.gov.au

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Senior Education Officer

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