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Qualifications and Training Programs

Apprenticeships and Traineeship Information

Qualifications for individuals wanting to work with people with a disability

Apprenticeships and Traineeships

General information and apprenticeship and traineeship programs and support services for people with a disability:

Australian Apprenticeships (formerly New Apprenticeships)

Australian Apprenticeships - Fact Sheet 3 - About Support for Australian Apprentices with Disability

Support for people with disabilities – DNAWS (Disabled New Apprenticeship Wage Support)
NSW Apprenticeship Program for People with Disabilities

On-the-job trade training opportunities in state government departments and statutory authorities for people with a disability.
NSW Traineeship Program for People with a Disability

NSW Apprenticeship and Traineeship Training Program
Information for training providers DET Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Information for individuals wanting to work with people with a disability

TAFE NSW offers a range of courses for individuals wishing to work with people with disabilitiies. The following links will open in the TAFE NSW internet online course handbook pages.

Community Services and Welfare Courses
  • 18171 Disability - Certificate III (AQF)
  • 11438 Disability - Certificate IV (AQF)
  • 18173 Disability - Diploma (AQF)
  • 24928 Disability Awareness - TAFE Plus Statement
  • 18799 Disability Work Skill Set - Behaviour Support - Statement of Attainment (AQF)
  • 18800 Disability Work Skill Set - People with A - Disability Who are Older - Statement of Attainment (AQF)
  • 27468 Introduction to Disability Support - TAFE Plus Statement

Working with People Who Are Deaf or Hearing Impaired

Working with Students with Disabilities in Schools
  • 11436 Education Suport - Certificate III
  • 11443 Education Support - Certificate IV